The Juliette Dubois School of Sewing and Perfumery is a private institution where all enthusiasts of the 'Made in France' craftsmanship are trained

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The School of Sewing and PerfumeryJULIETTE DUBOIS

Located in the heart of Cannes, just steps away from La Croisette, the school offers an education based on the experience of Maison Juliette Dubois.

Fashion courses are led by experienced pattern makers.

Perfumery courses are taught by Juliette Dubois, a perfume creator and stylist, Director of Haute Parfumerie & Haute Couture at 'Juliette Dubois Couture.' Decorated as Ambassador of Arts and Culture.

The program devised by our team has been carefully designed to assist fashion and perfume enthusiasts in finding the training that suits them. Our goal is to best meet the professional needs and expectations of our students.

Tailor-made internships will be offered at the end of the courses - an international curriculum of excellence

The Training

 The Juliette Dubois Method allows students to acquire:
Freedom of expression through drawingThe necessary knowledge in styling, pattern making, cutting, and sewingThe realization of their own collectionThe ability to understand the increasingly demanding professional lifeContact with upscale clienteleThe taught methods include:
● Styling● Pattern making● Women's casual wear● Women's tailoring● Stage costumes

Our Values

The values of the school are based on three dimensions.


Experiential pedagogy is at the heart of the training. Practice is essential for the development of skills


The school supports its students in their personal and creative development, aiming to help them thrive in their projects.


The school connects students with major brands and entertainment service providers, providing them with the opportunity to enter the professional world.

If you don't work for your dreams, someone will hire you to work for theirs. Steve JOBS

A unique training program in FranceJuliette Dubois has extensive experience in the luxury sector. As a stylist, perfume creator, and journalist, she shares her expertise and experience to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills in the creation of 'Made in France.


Alex B

The various internships in companies and during the Cannes Film Festival gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the training. Today, I am fulfilling my dream of being a first hand at DIOR Couture.

Laura G

After my training, I didn't hesitate to launch my own brand and establish myself in Paris, where I work as a Tailor for various Haute Couture Houses


The skills acquired through the training allowed me to develop a range of designs in collaboration with a design office and then manage the production: creating prototypes, grading, sourcing raw materials, producing pilot runs, and manufacturing.

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About Juliette Dubois

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Member of Organizations:

Soroptimist Pays de Grasse
Pluriel Côte d’Azur
Club des entrepreneurs pays de Grasse
Chinese Business Club
Skall Tourisme Côte d’Azur
Member of Women Leaders Worldwide Monaco
Forces Françaises de l’Industrie
Kefi Côte d’Azur

Awards Received:

October 19, 1989: Decoration as Ambassador of Arts and Culture by the Divine Academy in Paris at Georges V.
October 2021: Second medal from the Divine Academy and the Prize for Feminine Audacity by the Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard.
Top 30 Fashion Stylists by the New York Journal in 2022.
Top 30 Inspirational Women of 2023 by Herald Entrepreneur New York.
Award 2023/2024 Women Entrepreneur in Indonesia and Singapore.

Juliette Espinasse Dubois has had an illustrious career in the luxury industry, marked by the establishment of her brand, July of St-Barth, in 1989 on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. Initially, the brand focused on creating and selling 1000 hats annually. After being based on the island from 1989 to 2001, it expanded internationally by setting up in Spain in 2001 and Switzerland in 2003. The house gained recognition and is now a member of Grasse Expertise.
In parallel, Juliette Dubois created the cosmetics brand July in Grasse and opened a concept store in Grasse specializing in perfumery. She continued her hat creations and ventured into perfume creation after receiving formal training in perfumery. Simultaneously, she pursued her business career in real estate and engaged in charitable activities for children. In 2007, her hat and perfume creations were showcased between the United States and Italy. She then became a lecturer in perfumes and fashion, a consultant, and a perfume expert, eventually launching her JED collection of 25,000 perfumes. Recently, she became the Vice President of the Academy George V while holding the position of President of the Divine Academy and serving as an ambassador for Arts and Culture. Specializing in Haute-Couture and Perfumes, Juliette Espinasse Dubois launched the brands July in Cannes and Juliette Espinasse Dubois Parfums et Couture.
In the realm of fashion and perfumes, notable creations include collaborations such as Shell Beach in 2014 (with Jean François Latty and Jean Charrier). The following year, fragrances like Une Roseraie Française, Patchouli Forever, and Musk Gourmand were introduced. In 2016, Oud Mystérieux and Libre d’Aimer were added to the repertoire. The July St-Barthélemy Les Exclusifs Haute Parfumerie Française collection debuted in 2016, featuring scents like Amour Intense, Neroli Imperial, Larmes Orient, L’homme Amoureux, and Magic Night. In 2019, the fragrance Mirifica was introduced, followed by Jolie Eternelle in 2020 (in collaboration with perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer).
Her significant accomplishments include a fashion show at the New York Fashion Week on September 4, 2019, followed by appearances in Paris Fashion Week twice a year. Since 2020, she has presented fashion shows at various events, including the Paris Fashion Week in February 2020 (at Hotel Westminster), and subsequent events in 2021 and July 6, 2022. Additionally, she participated in the Fashion Week Luxembourg in 2021 and was selected by the Chambre Monégasque de Couture and the Principality of Monaco for the Fashion Week de Monte-Carlo in 2021 (postponed to 2022).
Juliette Dubois organizes and participates in numerous fashion shows in France, including events in Orleans, Nice's Allianz Riviera stadium in 2021, Monte-Carlo Bay in May 2022, and others. Notable appearances in Cannes include a show on Rue d’Antibes with Cannes Shopping Association Commerces in June 2022 and at the Carlton Cannes for the Gala des Etoiles ESM. In Grasse, she hosts weekly and ephemeral fashion shows, including the anniversary show for the July of St-Barth house in August 2020 for its 30th anniversary. Other events include a fashion spectacle on August 18, 2020, and two shows for the Fête de la Rose in 2022.
Juliette Dubois covers prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Canneseries, events in Monaco, Paris, and the United States. For 2023, she plans to organize fashion shows in Paris, Orleans, Cannes, Los Angeles, Dubai, Marrakech, and the Île de Ré.
As an experienced journalist, editor-in-chief, and publisher for Fashion Art Perfumes Magazine, she conducted interviews with personalities from the world of fashion, art, and music. She published over 20,000 fashion photos and collaborated with magazines like Elle and Gala. On October 28, 2019, she graced the cover of a Russian magazine, accompanied by a three-page article.


Couture et Parfumerie

From monday to friday 8.30AM to 4.30PM

6 rue d'Alger, 06400 Cannes


Ligne 1 : +33 (0)6 22 80 48 72Ligne 2 : +33 (0)


FORMATION PROFESSIONNELLECentre de formation agrée DREETS Numéro NDA 93 06 10796 06

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